Verna Van Schaik

I am a Facilitator & Ontological Coach with a strong connection into Software Development. My formal job titles tend to be around Agile Coach, Transformation Lead or Leadership Facilitator but I prefer to think of myself as a facilitator/ coach who creates spaces for change so that greatness can flow.

With 20 years in the Software Development industry I have found that knowing how it gets done blends well with bringing in new ways of working to get it done better. My experience in Agile is founded in Lean and Kanban (with a healthy dose of Scrum and SAFE) and when I am not focused on the behaviours that drive Agility, I am working on visualising change and practically getting work to Flow.
In 2018 I left the safety of big corporate to start my own company, Deeply Agile which is all about creating workshops and spaces for change where servant leadership and new, agile cultures can grow.

I also hold the Guinness World Record for the Deepest Dive by a Woman (set in 2004 and still current), At the time it placed me in the top 5 deepest divers.

I enjoy writing and blogging and have a book on my dive called, Fatally Flawed – The Quest to be Deepest.

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