Riaan and Tanya du Plessis

People in the IT profession are especially prone to burnout due to high job demands manifesting in a variety forms, such as high mental and emotional load and frequent irregular working hours or excessive amounts of overtime. This in combination with environmental factors such as trust in leadership, alignment in values and communication all contribute to factors that can lead to burnout.

Some of the dangers of burnout is that it is not always easily identifiable and may not necessarily be limited to jobs requiring long working hours. Additionally, a person may not always be aware that he or she is experiencing it. With Riaan having spent 15 years working in the IT industry and Tanya being a registered Industrial Psychologist, we as a couple have personally experienced and had to deal with the impact of burnout more than once in our lives.

We would like to share our experiences as well as equip the audience with some tools for identifying, understanding, preventing and dealing with burnout.

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