Malene Jacobsen

I have never done a waterfall project…

From my first year of education as a Computer Scientist (in Denmark) we were taught to work in an Agile environment and therefore it became a natural part of me. Agile methods became so instilled into my everyday life that I did not realize people could work any differently.

I was first exposed to working with teams that did not practice Agile approaches when I moved to South Africa. It was here I realized that I want everybody to feel the passion and joy for Agile as I do, and therefore I started to train and coach all things Agile.

I am all about going the extra mile to make the impossible possible. I very much emphasize possibilities rather than limitations and I love to use my creative and imaginative side. I use all of these strengths to help people, teams, and companies to understand Agile and the Scrum framework as well as how to implement it.


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