Justin Doyle

Justin Doyle is an Agile Coach at Liberty. Previously he held the position of Head of Agile at Discovery Vitality and worked to drive the adoption of Agile across the division. In over fourteen years of software development experience he has seen first-hand how technology is changing the world at an exponential rate. In this era of constant change, he firmly believes that we need to create responsive, agile organisations that harness technology and new ways of work to adapt to change and invade the future at speed and scale. This is what drives his passion for Agile. As an Agile Coach he has worked to embed the values, principles and practices needed to create responsive organisations that are effectively equipped to serve their evolutionary purpose and solve real customer needs and problems.


Justin has presented 3 talks at conferences in the past: a 90 min talk at Scrum Gathering 2013 – Plants vs Zombies – Using team types to build healthier Scrum teams (http://sugsa.org.za/2013-scrum-gathering/justin-doyle-plants-vs-zombies-using-team-types-to-build-healthier-scrum-teams/), and a 30 min talk at Agile Africa 2015 – High Stakes Planning Poker (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRl_bFuSJUQ) and a 15 min lightning talk at Agile Africa 2016 – Active Agile (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPO4Jj6Knns)

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