SEMAT Essence: The Safety Net for Digital Entrepreneurs

Digital entrepreneurs naturally have an understanding of Stakeholders and Opportunity when considering a new venture. However, most digital entrepreneurs often cannot run a software development team to deliver the software required for the start-up, nor can they contract appropriately with the software vendor. Most entrepreneurs use tools such as the Lean Launchpad and Business Model Canvas (BMC) to highlight the important segments in the enterprise that need to be prioritised. However, these tools are not sufficient for digital entrepreneurs who also depend on delivery of a successful Software System.

This talk looks at how SEMAT ESSENCE provides Digital Entrepreneurs with a safety net for their start-ups, by focusing on the synergies between SEMAT Essence and BMC. Furthermore, it discusses how Essence adds value to the development of the Software System.

Location: Gala Room Date: 1st October 2018 Time: 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm Barry Myburgh Xolile Maduna Kanya Nkula