Making Sense of Agile’s Sticky Issues

When we practically implement or scale agility in our organisation we often run into sticky issues that keep us stuck. This session will provide participants with practical complexity-based tools to help them get unstuck.

Organisations doing agile or moving to agile often experience things that get them a little stuck.

Join us in this workshop where we will use complexity tools and practices to unpack your sticky issues so that you can start to make sense of them and find ways to make changes.

We spend time getting a few sticky issues from the audience. Once we have these to work with, we apply tools from complexity thinking to unpack what’s going on, look for patterns, come up with solutions and share with each other.

You will learn new tools, collaborate with others on their sticky issues and understand what and what your next wise action could be.

Who is this for: Intermediate to advanced practitioners

Location: Boundary Room Date: 1st October 2018 Time: 10:30 am - 11:20 am Jo Perold SONJA BLIGNAUT