Agile Managers: Nurture your Teams to Thrive

For most managers Agile is a totally different way of work that requires a particular style of leadership. However, agile transitions often fail to provide adequate guidance on how a manager fits into an agile organization. Your role and responsibilities need to change as the organization changes. You must learn to coach, remove obstacles, and model new styles of communication.

In this interactive session, learn how you can flourish as an agile manager as you nurture your teams to thrive. Join seasoned leadership coach Selena as she discusses the differences between traditional and agile management. Explore how to create the conditions that nourish your teams and allow them to succeed. Learn how to shift your role towards more of a coach, obstacle remover, and cheerleader. Discover the evolution of leadership and communication to propel agile transformations forward. You’ll leave as a much more balanced, situational, and effective leader.

Location: Boundary Room Date: 2nd October 2018 Time: 1:15 pm - 2:45 pm SELENA DELESIE