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Photo Title Name(s) Session Type
Adopting agile in a corporate environment Lethagile Phoku Poster Session
Agile Economics: Contracts, Budgets, Capitalization Pavel Dabrytski Talk
Always Be Delivering : The Neuroscience of JIT Software Development Travis Frisinger Talk
Coaching Circles - collaborative learning Justin Kotze, Simone Hull Poster Session
Creating self-organizing teams that create high-quality software in a diverse South African organization Nosipho Sithembiso Mdlovu Poster Session
DDD OverDrive: Wittgenstein's Java Sizwe Mabanga Talk
Delivering Technical Debt Brendon Page Talk
DevOps - Agile on Steroids Tom Clement Oketch, Augustine Kisitu Talk
Emergent design: cakes, showers and electricians. Rouan Wilsenach Talk
Finding your problem-solution fit Angie Doyle Talk
From infancy to adulthood: The human aspects of agile maturity Alfred Mukudu Poster Session
High-Stakes Planning Poker – What to do when you have 50 P1 projects Justin Doyle Talk
How to appease the demo gods Yusuf Kaloo Poster Session
How to deal with conflict in an agile team? Theo Bohnen, Terence Kruger Talk
How to execute an Agile Cultural Transformation at Scale Josef Langerman Talk
Ideation Ecology, Innovative Ecosystem and Digital Ecosystem: A Systematic Mapping Study towards Digital Innovation Ecosystem Architecture Reuben Dlamini Poster Session
Ignore middle-managers at your peril! Why middle-managers hold the key to successful Agile transformations Biase De Gregorio Talk
Organisational Agility - A Complex Systems Perspective Imtiaz Abdul Kader Talk
Overcoming impostor syndrome in an agile environment Ann Wangari Mwangi Talk
Real Agile Quality Janco Wolmarans, Oz Chihwayi Talk
Stop doing Agile! (Agile vs agility) Martin Cronjé Talk
The age old battle: Physical vs. Virtual Task Board Kerryn Felling Poster Session
The Agile Analyst Mindset Karen Greaves, Samantha Laing Talk
The Big 5 of Flow Philosophy Danie Roux Talk
The Natural Order of Progression for adopting Agile Technical Practices - Delivering Working Software Quicker Mark Pearl Talk
The RMB Investment Bank Agile Journey Jason Suttie Talk
Unboxifying Your Agile Candice Mesk Poster Session


Keynotes and invited speakers


Kent Beck

Kent Beck

Kent Beck is an American software engineer and the creator of the Extreme Programming and Test Driven Development software development methodologies. Beck was one of the 17 original signatories of the Agile Manifesto in 2001. His contributions to software development include patterns for software, the rediscovery of test-first programming, the xUnit family of developer testing tools, and Extreme Programming. 

Rebecca Parsons

Dr. Rebecca Parsons is ThoughtWorks’ Chief Technology Officer. She has more than 20 years’ application development experience, in industries ranging from telecommunications to emergent internet services. Rebecca has published in both language and artificial intelligence publications, served on numerous program committees, and reviews for several journals. She has extensive experience leading in the creation of large-scale distributed object applications and the integration of disparate systems

Aslam Khan

Aslam has been building software for long enough to make peace with the fact that software design is ridiculously difficult. After 20 odd years, he still finds a way to work at the extremes - lines of code and strategy. Most teams he works with will tell of his off the wall experiments in agile software development. In between, he is writing the book Grokking Functional Programming. And when he doesn't have enough to do, he blogs at Mostly though, he is focused on software development that is centred on the enhancing and appreciating the humanity in all of us.

Paul E McMahon

Paul E. McMahon has been an independent consultant for 18 years helping organizations improve their development and management performance. Prior to his independent work Paul acquired twenty-four years of experience as a software developer, project manager and internal company coach working for Link Simulation and Lockheed Martin. He has taught Software Engineering at Binghamton University and published more than 50 articles on software and systems development and management.

Doug Bradbury

Doug Bradbury is the Director of Software Services for 8th Light in Chicago. He was one of 8th Light’s original Software Craftsmen, and he authored the Manifesto for Software Craftsmanship. Doug helped 8th Light develop and refine its modern apprenticeship program, and has mentored dozens of apprentices into successful software careers. Doug’s interest in social justice and reconciliation has brought him to Africa on a number of occasions. He has met with developers in Kigali, and is excited about exploring more possibilities in programming-based business on the continent.


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